Communist Union in Iraq (About us)


      Founded in 1998, the CUI established in the north of Iraq (Kurdistan Region). It is part of communist, socialist movements and part of struggle, political, social and class conflict to eliminate capitalism, slavery and private property of bourgeois. It aims to eliminate capitalism with the effort of worker classes and joint left and communist parties.



· Eradicate and eliminated capitalism

· Establish a communist community

· Build a world of equality and freedom and well-being (free from slavery, exploitation, and possessory).


Background, structure and Achievements:

  • The founders of the CUI came from different left and Marxist movements that rose in 1985-1990 in Iraqi Kurdistan, after the fall of Kurdish nationalist left parties. They were affected by the Iran revolution in 1979 and the foundation of communist party of Iran (CPI). During 1991 uprising they formed Shura movement (council movement) to confront the regime of Baath dictatorship.  These movements covered most of the areas in Iraq. They played a great role in emancipating Kurdish people from the dictatorial system. Then after the collapse of "shura movement", most of its members joint actions to build deferent worker, women, youth, student local organizations. Some of them join the worker Communist party in Iraq (WCPI) that established in 1992. Conflicts and differences increased within the party; especially in 1995, therefore some of its leaders and founding members resigned and left that party. They started to build another political alternative. The CUI was the result of these efforts.

  • Lack of Marxist, radical (organization that aims to unify the left and communist people) leaded to the establishment of the CUI as a new communist movement in Iraq. The first achievement was publishing of (Communism Statement) in two languages Kurdish and Arabic in Sulemania governorate and distributed to NGOS and public places in all governorates. CUI consisted an international committee named "broad committee" that provided financial and international relation support. After 15 days of its statement it conducted its first conference in which the members were elected and developed the strategy of the movement. In addition this movement held three extra conferences.
  • The CUI participated and celebrated the worker, socialist ceremonies (the international women day, international worker day, the upraising of 1991) in different areas in Iraq. In addition it implanted different activities including protests for reforming economical and political situation. In these demonstration people demands for their basic needs and were against political corruption within the government institution. As an outcome of these protests many people who participated in these protests have been arrested by the security forces of the Kurdistan region governorate, the best example was arresting the senior members of our organization been arrested in 2006.
  • During Baath regime the CUI was not able to work in public and conducted most of its activities secretly in Kirkuk and other northern governorates. It published a newspaper titled “Communist Statement”. But after the fall of Baath regime they could implement their activities in public and after the Kurdistan Region Government prevented the CUI distribute its Kurdish news paper “Communism Statement” they replace it with another news paper titled “Freedom”. A total of 29 issue of that newspaper been published and then it published another five numbers from news paper titled “Flag”.
  • In 2003 after the fall of saadam (Baath regime), the CUI started its work in public and opened offices in Kirukuk and Baghdad. A group of communists who worked in the Iraqi Communist party in Baghdad and other areas resigned and joined CUI. In the forth conference of this organization these cadres elected to take the leads in the central committee. Thus it became the only radicals and communist organization in Iraq that posses one structure and leadership.
  • The CUI was the first organization in Iraq that pay special attention to the Seattle incident in 1998 and arose of the international anti capitalism movement and analyzed it according to the new morals of the Political Iraqi leftists’ .This analytical essay published in the “Communism statement” news paper. This essay includes analyze of the new liberalism policies, international monetary fund (IMF) and the World Bank. CUI regarded it self one of the anti capitalism movements and struggled to strengthen this movement in Iraq through different means as publishing a booklet titled”Globalization, the new liberalism and anti capitalism movement”. In addition its members in Europe (Finland and Sweden, Canada and Australia) were part of the movement who represent the organization in the protests in this regard.
  • Lesson learned for the fall of sectarian and dogmatism experiences, the CUI adapted the agenda of struggling for instituting common bloc, political and Marxist organization in all over Iraq. Coordination and meeting have been conducted with a number of the left and Marxist activists in this regard.
  • Regarding the 11th September the CUI was completely against the terrorist attack by Islamic terrorist group, they empathized with American people. At the same time this organization condemned the American war against Afghanistan. It described the war as part of imperialism and the agenda of the new liberalism, IMF and the WB. Meanwhile it considered itself as “an international movement of anti wars” and publish a book titled” war against terrorism, vision and socialist solution” in this regard in which it condemned the terrorist attacks.
  •   Despite the fact that the CUI slogan was the fall of the dictatorial Baath regime and struggled for that, but meanwhile were against the America war against Iraq. They dreamed of stopping the war because they believed that it is a step to eradicate the revolutionary movements within people and as dangerous stage for the future of Iraqi people life. Based on this the CUI issued a political platform to re node the left forces when any change happened in Iraq. It prepared it self to stand against the America war against the  dictatorial Baath regime embarked upon “ Common left work” with a group of left political activists. As an outcome of this common work a committee had been established in Sulimaniah governorate (North Iraq) then extended to Kirkuk and Baghdad (south Iraq). This committee issued a newspaper named “Common Work” in both languages Kurdish and Arabic.

After the fall of Baath regime ( Saddam Hussein):

  • The fall of Saddam regime was the dream of the workers and Iraqi people but the Baath still exist. The CUI believes that the Baath follower should be judged and those who obtained the high positions within the government institution should be removed. In addition cancelling the laws that support the existence of this regime and establishing ethnic chauvinistic parties.
  • The way it was against the war the CUI is against the US occupation for Iraq. It regards it as the first series of America policy to invade Iraq and then impose its authority globally. This occupation is against workers and Iraqi people interest. It is the people rights to ask America leave Iraq with the support of international left and modern movements.
  • The CUI was against the political agenda the political forces that worked under the shade of America and obtained the new political authority in Iraq with the support of America. It condemned the ethnic, sectarian and chauvinist aspect in these forces. It preferred a civil and democratic secular government be established instead of an ethnic and sectarian government supervised by America. It believed in issuing a constitution that assure citizenship equal right, freedoms, Gender equality, ethnics right in addition to separating religion from the state issues and applying non central federalist system in the government’s political and administrative systems. The CUI stands rejected the Iraqi draft constitution because it was an ethnic, sectarian constitution reviewed by America. It asked Iraqi people to refute this draft and do not vote for it. It predicted that this constitution will create conflicts and cause civil war within the nations. Iraq became a place for the terrorism after the fall of Baath regime. The CUI also boycotted the parliament election in 2005.
  • The CUI manifested that the majority of Iraqi people are workers and the income of the country comes from their products. Meanwhile they receive the lowest income from the government; they are deprived from the very basic rights (proper salary, social insurance...). Therefore beside its research on Marxism, the CUI wishful for the organizing worker organization and sit-in be regarded officially as one of the basic workers right. It supported worker and stands against the attack of America military forces on the Worker syndicate main office in Iraq. It condemned the decisions and laws that issued by the Oil Minister in Iraq against workers. It also exposed the plan and program of government that have essential new liberalist against worker right and aimed to develop free market and make the public factories and institutions private that will increase by its turn unemployment in Iraq. It struggles beside the effort of worker’s class for eliminating conflicts within the different ethnics and tribes and protect the syndicates and worker’s organizations. It experienced risky and dangerous condition along its struggles. One of the CUI member (Ansar Abdul Amer Mahdi) who was the manager of the engineers in the directorate of electricity in Dyala governorate been killed as a result of these terrorist attack.
  • With the direct participation, in September 2005 the group of “defending on people demands” had been established in Kurdistan region. This group started their work first in Sulemania and then extended to other areas in Kurdistan. They continued till the end of 2007. During this period they conducted several meeting with the stakeholders in KRG and obliged the government. The CUI participated in many demonstrations especially the one that was conducted for protesting the increase of the prices of oil and gasoline. It regarded this increase as one of the international monetary fund and World Bank policy to exempt Iraq from its depts.
  • To overcome the challenges and difference within the left movements, in the beginning of 2008   series of meetings, political and social activities have been conducted by these movements. They worked for establishing “Kurdistan Left Union” that aimed to have a unified left party with one common political platform. In its first announcement they include the following points :
    • Establishing a justice, free of violence society.
    • Solving the problems of Kurdish people basing on self- determination and arranging referendum for this purpose.
    • Establish a civil, secular and democratic state in Kurdistan based on equal citizenship rights.
    • Eliminating political, administrative and economical corruption.
    • Creating free environment for practicing political and social activities.
    • Set up an economical system based on social justice that develops common property, intervention of government in developing economical condition (provide people with social insurance, job opportunities..).
    • Defending on workers rights (work for having a law that protects worker right).
    • Advocating for women rights in economic, social and political life.


  • The CUI is participating in different common activities in Baghdad and other governorates. It became member in the political, civil, left, secular movement “current Democratic” that implements its activity through parties and activists.
  • Women issues regard one of the important issues for Iraqi people especially after the domination of immoderate Islamic forces; meanwhile the socialist criticism was against the capitalism system and violence against women. Establish a civil ,secular government, amending the laws that violate women rights especially personal status laws depending on “SEDAW” agreement , gender equality in the Iraqi constitution, cancelling the decision of the Iraqi council number (137) which is against women raised by the Islamic force ,was the aim of CUI to obtain gender equality. The CUI practically participated in the protests conducted for this regard by the women and humanitarian organizations in central Iraq and Kurdistan. It celebrated the international women day every year.
  • The CUI is hopeful of identifying a solution based on self-determination for Kurdish people in Kurdistan of Iraq. Authorize Kurdish people to take decision whether they want stay within Iraq or want to establish an independent Kurdish country. In addition its vision is equality within ethnics in all areas (political, legal, economical), establishing a modern, secular and democratic government that could eliminate all human rights violation as (Arabization, Anfal process, displacement). Regarding Kirkuk it hoped to make it temporary an independent federal governorate that could be governed by the people to be protected form the Central (Baghdad) and Kurdistan region governments.








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